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    Encoder doesn't work well..BRING BACK the h.264, wmvs and mpeg2 options within AE!!!


      I just have to make a comment, that is unfortunately very negative. I've been using AE for over 10 years to create graphics for digital signage. I use mainly h.264 and wmv which are no longer available for rendering direct out of AE. Of course you are all aware..everyone is complaining about it and has been since the decision was made to remove these options. Trying to render my files out of Encoder has doubled my production time...whether it is waiting for Encoder to launch, or waiting a totally unnecessary amount of time to launch the output modules, or just an inexplicable result in my render, I am completely dissatisfied. It is unacceptable, slow, and a total hindrance. I've been hanging on to previous versions of AE because of this. Now that I am embedded in CC, I am struggling tremendously with my digital signage workflow. Hey, I understand where Adobe's concerns are with supporting codecs that seem irrelevant. Let me tell you, wmv and .h264 and MPEG2 are VERY relevant in the multi-billion dollar industry of digital signage. The workflow to do a simple render out of AE CC in these codecs is ridiculous and laughable. PLEASE bring back these essential codecs. I speak for myself, but can be truly confident my words match the thoughts of hundreds, if not thousands of designers out there. Adobe, you have a "lower end" market that utilizes your product for productions other than feature films....I think this end of the market accounts for a large portion of your revenues too...please try to appease us by bringing back a few codecs, and spending the $$$ to pay them to keep them updated. Your "lower end" community deserves it.


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