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    InDesign CC 2017 slow when copy/pasting from 2 different documents

    JeffArdoise Level 1

      I think the titles tells it pretty much. I've tried the same thing in CC 2015 and don't have that slow down. If I'm in 2017, I copy text from one document, move to the second document, select some text, paste without formatting to replace the selected text. Easy enough you would think, but every time I switch from one document to the next I get the spinning beach ball for 20-30 sec (on a Macbook Pro 2016, the biggest of them all. It does the same on an iMac 2011 beefed up too for it's time). Like I said, no problem with the same document in CC 2015 (saved the CC 2017 in idml, then opened in CC 2015). And before you suggest it, yes, I've turned off the two options for type in my prefs in both versions, preflight is off, both version have the same prefs. So there is definitely something wrong with CC 2017. This is not the only issue that causes slowness, but it's the one that caused me to convert my documents to CC 2015 to work because it was just unbearable.


      Hope you'll fix this cause right now, CC 2017 is pretty useless to us. All designers in our company don't want to work with it, and since the improvement in it are so minor, it should have been a dot dot release, not a full new version.