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    1DX formating and creative cloud lightroom latest version, even after reformatted

    elosonegro Level 1

      I formatted a 128 GB card in a loaner 1 DX Mark II, I still can't read them in Lightroom as they are covered by different colors.

      I've been online and read about it and should be able too.  I have the latest version from Creative Cloud and Camera Raw.  My LR version is 2015.9.

      I'm hoping some one can help me here because now I'm real suspicious about what happened to my card.

      I reformatted it in my 5D Mark III, just took 3 gb worth of images and the same problem keeps occuring which make no sense to me.

      The camera I got from CPS kept losing contact with my battery and lenses so I sent it back to Canon.

      I'm wondering if that  faulty loaner camera did something to ruin my card as well, hoping they will pay for that if so.


      Basically, should I be able to see the images on Lightroom as it is at 9.15 with latest camera raw???

      Yes I've updated and rebooted my computer as well, several times.

      Thanks and hope you can help.