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    Project Templates .....help

      I have just started to use Captivate and this forum....
      My problem is that I cannot get the "Create Project from Template" program to function correctly. I have gone into and selected the "Sales Pitch Training template....... In this program, I cannot make some of the text click-on buttons operate as they are assigned in the properties default. One example would be the "Competitor" button found within the pyramid in slide 7. It will not jump to the assigned slide (slide 16) as noted under the properties settings. I have changed, reworked, check the timeline and visited the work under the F9 key. Is there a hidden default that I am not being made aware of ?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Ken

          How are you viewing the output? Are you previewing or are you publishing and viewing the published result?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Kentucy15 Level 1
            I used the 5 slide or project preview....not published. Does this mean to see how it really functions, I would need to publish my work each time I make a change to a project? What is the purpose with preview then?

            thanks for the quick response...
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              If you used the "Next 5 slides" preview, that would certainly explain it. This is because only enough of the project is compiled to present the next 5 slides. If you have a link that points beyond the next 5 slides, that link will fail because that part of the project wasn't factored in.

              If you used a preview that included the whole project, the link should work. You may preview the entire project either in Captivate or in the Web browser. You don't have to publish to see your work. Previewing should be sufficient. But you do need to consider the type of preview you use.

              Another type of preview that regularly nails folks is the "Play this slide". This type of preview is only good for getting a feel for when objects appear or disappear. There is no interactivity possible.

              Hopefully this helps a bit... Rick
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                Kentucy15 Level 1
                I will go back and make sure I didn't do just the 5 slide check on the one run I made to see how it works......this does make sense and was an oversight on my part. One other quick question ......any suggestions on a good video conversion software program. maybe one I can test a free down load before purchase. One that can go both ways with avi to flv and/or flv to avi?

                thanks very much.