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    Can't open Adobe Stock photo in Photoshop!

    jamesh70351631 Level 1

      I am TRYING to use an Adobe Stock photo I just purchased: "Money Jar With White Label Isolated on White By Carolyn Franks."


      Photoshop give me an error message "This application does not support the editing of banknote images."


      I understand the anti counterfeiting efforts, but this is a photo of crumpled up money in a glass jar, so I don't understand why Photoshop won't open the image.


      Is there some way to get Photoshop to open this image?


      WHY does Adobe Stock sell & license images that can't be used in Photoshop?


      Thanks for any help.


      P.S. The FAQs provided no help. A search through this Adobe forum revealed this same question being asked in 2015... with no solution provided by Adobe.