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    Transparent Background in Animate + Premiere Pro

    megana29078140 Level 1


      Sorry this is a specific answer I'm looking for :s

      I'm pretty new at using adobe products and for a project at school I have to create an animation, I was planning on doing the foreground and character animation in Animate CC then imposing it on separately moving backgrounds/still images, when editing it in Premiere Pro.


      Could anyone give me some advice of how to go about this?


      Many Thanks

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Make your animation and export it as video. In the export dialog you'll see an option to send it to Adobe Media Encoder, don't do that. Also look for an Ignore Stage Color (generate alpha channel) box. Do check that.


          You should end up with a 32 bit MOV file that you can layer on top of the backgrounds in Premiere.


          BTW, it's also possible that Premiere can import the SWF of the animation. Try making the animation as an ActionScript FLA, then Test Movie until it looks good, and import the SWF you get into Premiere. If that works you can skip the video export completely.