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    Light Room [Novice]


      Recently acquired Light Room and set about transferring all photographs from Aperture to Light Room. Did this manually as I wanted to check all the folders for content. Some individual pictures I sent to Photoshop CC for tweaking, and then saved the result back to Light Room. Tweaked and fiddled and updated all folders.

      At last I had all the pictures loaded and all the folders in order. Saved it all.

      Went away for a week and turned my Mac off . Came back and switched on.

      All folders were still there, and the content was just as I had left it.


      ALL folders are now greyed out and have a Question mark on them.

      I can access the folders and view them, but unable to edit [most buttons greyed out] or transfer them, or move them.

      This relates to Every file in Light Room.

      How can I get the whole lot back to a useable state