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    default object style: how to set space/padding/offset as a default NOT TEXT WRAP one frame/object at a time.

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      Please someone:


      How the heck do i retrieve/create a DEFAULT "automatic, always set" offset padding around every graphic/object frame and LINES in certain templates i use/create.


      it's not case by case text wrap, it's a default setting around graphics/photo frames & lines.  I don't know where they went, what to set (i know where the Window>Styles>Object Styles window is, i just don't know what settings are, if that's even where i do it.


      It's not a standard one a a time text wrap, that much i know.  indesignsecrets doesn't seem to know either and the results there are as imprecise and unhelpful as the adobe site, but what the heck? maybe an actual person knows.


      I can't even find what the correct terminology is since the logical terms offset space around, bounding space around and padding around an object or frame don't seem to be involved.


      sheesh. does it really have to be so complicated?


      Please, and thank you.