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    Bad TV 3 - WEAK


      Hi, I recently asked this question, and got some rather rude replies when I am simply attempting to learn more. However, the small information I did get was very un-informative.

      I am creating a small video for my website, the video has my logo spread out across it in rows, 3 rows of 10 logos each. My goal is to create an effect where every so often a separate logo shimmers. The preset "Bad TV 3 - Weak" has a very good looking shimmer effect, so I applied it to the logos, but now they all do the action simultaneously from start to finish. I was suggested to set key frames for the individual parts I want changed, but the preset consists of 4 very complicated effects, and setting key frames to that many aspects does not seem like the right way to go about this. Is it possible to set key frames for the entirety of the preset, to where it appears and goes away at different times throughout the video? Thank you.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See my reply in your other thread.


          Personally I would probably split the layers where I didn't want the effect and then just monkey with the values so they were not all the same. Changing the values (find the ones modified by pressing the U key twice) will change the look but the timing is based on comp time.


          Never try and do everything in one layer. Never try and edit a sequence in AE that can be edited in a NLE. The only thing you should be doing in AE is creating composites or motion graphics that cannot be created in your NLE. Good luck on your project...