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    Camera RAW issue


      I have been using Photoshop CC for a few years now without fault.  I only shoot in RAW on my Canon 5D MKII and edit through Camera RAW, all ok, no problems.  I upgraded my system about 8 months ago to a dual AMD R9 380 setup with all the latest drivers etc...still no problems all has been working fine.  However, with the last update of Photoshop I can no longer open my RAW files as it locks Photoshop up.  I can create files in the program, I can open all other image files without issue it only locks up if you try opening a RAW file (ie through Camera RAW) I can see my image files in the Open dialogue, I can see them in Bridge and Lightroom without issue and they also work on another computer that still has Photoshop CS6 installed.


      For reference:

      I have the latest graphics drivers installed, I tried the latest AMD alpha and beta version with no difference.

      I have the latest up to date version of Camera RAW

      Everything worked perfectly well before Camera RAW was updated automatically to the latest version


      Therefore there is obviously an issue with the latest update as I've seen a few other on the forums mentioning the same issues and just being told to look at the FAQ's regarding the update of graphics drivers, hence I specify that this has been done with no effect and my system was working perfectly well with the last version of 2017 CC before you updated it.  I have also seen posts where answers have been given regarding dual GPU setups not working well with photoshop...well, it's worked perfectly well up until now.


      If this issue could please be looked into as I am currently unable to use the software to edit my work, thank you.