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    What is the meaning of this error message?


      I'm using from years Adobe CS 6 Design and WEb premium on a SONY Vaio Laptop and A 64 bit Windows /.

      Over the past few days InDesign freezes every 10 minutes sending an alert of disk full:

      "The space on the disk is insufficient. Remove the non necessary files to free space on disk and restart InDesign".

      As you can see from attachments, there is a lot of space un the disk.

      In my attempts to resolve the problem, previously I had checked and repaired Windows files, then I had uninstalled CS6 suite taking care to remove manually all the files related to Adobe software, both visible and hidden. Then I had reinstalled CS6, but having no success.

      So I thought that the problem could occur with a specific (corrupted) file: I checked some other files but seemingly there had been no problem.

      So I followed the instructions reported in:



      More, I checked the extensions installed: there are no installed extensions if not those of Adobe.

      Follwing your instructions, I splitted the suspected file in two parts. For each of them, I rebuilt all kind of stiles and copied the content from the original (suspected) file frame by frame.

      This work lasted more than two hours, but no error message appeared.

      When I tried to rebuild the whole file, the usual error message reappeared.


      I think that the content of the error message could have a meaning for you and so you could help me to solve the problem.

      What do you suggest I do?