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    PhoneGap Build PGB - Sensor Fusion - How To Capture Yaw, Pitch, and Roll?


      I'm required to capture the yaw, pitch, and roll Euler Angles at 50Hz (50 times a second) for my device (app limited to iPhone 5 and above, and also high end Samsung Galaxy S series).


      I can see these values can be achieved through the browser and HTML5 - W3 seems to imply 60Hz can be achieved through the browser to the device. DeviceOrientation Event Specification


      I had thought that Device Orientation - Apache Cordova  may give me these details - but is only the compass. Is there a plugin which can give access to the Euler Angles - or would the inbuilt browser API values be considered a good enough? Considering the frequency we need to ping for accelerometer dictates high end devices, that we can safely assume the browser used by PGB would have this browser access for these values?