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    Lightroom hangs on import




      I am running lightroom on an iMac 27 inch with 24 GB og memory. I can use it perfectly, browse, edit etc... But when I do import from any kind of devices, memory card, iPhone or the local harddrive it shows the images and then the wheel starts to spin. Lightroom hangs, in few ours it has eaten all of the 24 GB of memory and also swap space. I am forced to Force Quit the application. My catalog is 230.000 images (one catalog) and around 2 terabytes. I've seen that people are even running 1 million images in one catalog without issues so I dont think that is the case. The quantity of images dont matter, even 9 images or 6000 will hang. I've optmized the catalog, I've deleted the caches, I've even deleted 70 GB of preview images. Lightroom works fine but I can't add any images to the catalog. I've uninstalled Lightroom, ran the Adobe Cleaner utility and I am out of ideas what to try next. Actually I am copying my images to a Windows PC to see what happens there.


      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Btw.. I am using Creative Cloud and running latest version of LR etc..


      Thanks a lot,

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      Gunnar Ingvi

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Are there any video files included in the import?


          If there are try moving them out of the folder they are in to some other folder or if on the camera copy them to your drive, into some other folder than will be imported with still images, and then delete them from the camera.


          If no videos then it sounds like a permissions problem or a USB connection problem.

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            Gunnar-Ingvi Level 1

            Hi and thank you for your feedback.


            As I mentioned it does not matter if I import from phone or folder. Does not matter if files are 4.000 or 9 it hangs. Not a permission problem either.


            SOLUTION: I managed to work around the issue. I copied the catalog to a PC, imported a lot of pictures. Moved from the PC to the Mac and everything started to work again.


            Thanks !


            Best regards,

            Gunnar Ingvi