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    Burner is not detected.


      .A few days ago I installed Adobe Premiere Elements 15 on my PC (Windows 10). I wanted to burn a DVD but unfortunately comes always  the message "no burner available". To your information:  My PC does not have a DVD burner only a Blu-ray burner (LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BM16NS40). But my burner is detected when burning a Blu-ray.


      Parallel for this I have installed still my previous element 12 which makes no problems. Whether I burn a DVD or a Blu-ray burner, my burner is always detected.

      I would like to use some advantages of Elements 15 but unfortunately I can only burn a DVD if I create an ISO image before.

      The question that is now asked me is, why does Element 12 detected my burner and why not Elements 15?

      Please be so kind and inform me what I have to do that I can burn a DVD without that I need to create ISO image.