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    Flash CS6 Is there a way to manually input a symbols Pivot Point


      Like the title says.  I have several keyframes of a symbol set in the timeline.  Each skewed to their respective positions.  By the time I set all of them into a classic tween, I noticed an error in the animation.  All of them had the transformation point in the center, but the first two key frames also had their pivot points (the white circle) in the center while the other keyframes had their pivot points somewhere in the lower left where I intentionally set them.  It doesnt seem like theres any box to manually input the number of the pivot points, and when I try to edit multiple layers and and select them all put the pivot point in the in a new spot, when I reselect each symbol, the pivot point did not change.  And since dragging the messed up symbols pivot point is inaccurate because its near impossible to align them perfectly with the others, it creates a shaky tween as it tries to align itself with the next symbols pivot point.  And its too much work to delete all the symbols and start keyframing and skewing again.  Surely an advanced program such as flash must have a basic thing to precisely customize a symbols pivot point instead of having users rely on such an inaccurate method such as dragging.  Messing up animations and keyframes are common, so there must be something.to fix pivot points.  If the program really doesnt have anything for it, then is there some sort of add on that will help with it?