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    DNG (raw files) in Develop mode in Lightroom


      I have a problem with with RAW-files in Lightroom.

      When i try to press <D> Develop mode, it open the image as this:

      lightroom raw problem.PNG

      I have CR2 and DNG files, from Canon and Dji.

      I can edit the image in Photoshop (Camera Raw 9.9) successfully, but not in Lightroom (only watching in the library)


      What could be wrong?



      I use:

      Photoshop CC 2017.01

      Lightroom 2015.9

      Camera RAW 9.9


      I have:

      Laptop Lenovo

      Intel i7 3520 CPU @ 2,9GHz

      Intel HD Graphics 4000 (updated driver)

      Win 7



      Thank you,