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    PDF Save Button that auto fills date and set default save location on desktop


      Hello, I designed a editable form pdf for a client who will be using Acrobat Reader on a Windows computer. I have the buttons: CLEAR, PRINT, EMAIL, SAVE in the document.


      I am not familiar with scripting.


      I am trying to develop a javascript that works within the SAVE button that on button up action will bring up a save as window with a preset folder location of the user's desktop with name field auto populating with a set value followed by a name field along with a date field from the document.


      Is this possible?


      Here's an example:


      Form name: Invoice

      Name field in form: "BOB"

      Date field in form: "02-15-15"


      Save to (window will go directly to the folder):

      Users desktop folder named "Invoice"
      with name "InvoiceBOB-02-15-15.pdf"


      at this point all the user has to do is click save in that window.


      Thank you community, I hope was clear enough in explaining my situation.

      I appreciate the help.

      By the way, I'm designing on a MAC, users of the form will be on PC if that matters.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No, it's not possible. You can either save the file silently to your desired location with the desired file name (if you use a trusted function), or you can display the Save As dialog and let the user decide where to save it and under what name, but you can't pre-populate it with any values. What you can do, though, is display an alert window before the Save As dialog which asks the user to save the file to the desktop using a specific file-name, but that's about it.