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    Character Styles Panel Legend

    dEaF TO LiGhT



      It's odd that I can't find this online anywhere, but I was wondering if there is a legend somewhere to the functions of the character and paragraph styles windows.  Most of the functions in the window you can hold your mouse over and see the ToolTip for, but not everything.


      You'd think that you would find one here, Apply paragraph and character text styles in Adobe InDesign , but oddly it doesn't even contain a picture of the panel. In the picture, if you look above the blue arrows I drew, you see a paragraph symbol followed by Salmon (Main TOC Highlights). It is right before the "Create new style group" button.  I am trying to figure out what that part of the panel is supposed to represent. You can't right click and edit it, and a tooltip doesn't show up when you keep your mouse over it.


      If you notice, I've highlighted the Latino Media section, and it appears to have that Salmon character style, yet the panel shows the highlighted character style is [None].  However, the part between the buttons shows it as the Salmon style (which is in a group named Main TOC Highlights).  I've never seen this before, and there is no legend of the panel online to tell me what indicates what.




      The reason I am asking is because I am trying to figure out how I made the highlight colors in my Table of Contents match the colors they are supposed to every time I update.  For example, Latino Media has a salmon-colored thick underline character style (I used thick underlines to create the highlights you see). When I update the TOC, it would always remember that.  However, if I went to the Latino Media header that TOC entry refers to and changed just the text to Hispanic Media, the next time I update the TOC, it would have a white background (no salmon highlight). 


      The way my document is structured, I have sections that I call Sub-TOCs that divide major sections in the book, which contain cross references to the pages they start on.  The pages are color-coded, and in these sub-TOCs, I have character styles that highlight the sections in the same color that they end up getting highlighted in the main TOC.  See picture below:


      When I would update the Main TOC, these colors would always stay, and I can't for the life of me remember how I made it do that.  I figured the key would be figuring out what that part of the character styles panel represents that I was originally asking.