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    php dynamically graph equation

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      Hi All,


      This post is sort of a follow-up to a previous post, and sort of a new post; so I posted it new.


      I have php coding to allow an image of a graph to be published dynamically. I am have trouble figuring the structure of the 'array/for' language.


      The address is http://www.improveworkplaceefficiency.com/diab/. Just hit the Select Button as all of the pertinent choices are pre-selected.


      The graph is based on a long, algebraic function for a bell curve over x = 0 to 150.


      The answer.php page has a lot of debugging equations and coding. In it, I ran equations for x = 0 and x = 75 and they both were good so I suspect the math and its coding is good. The address for the answer.php coding is http://www.improveworkplaceefficiency.com/diab/answer.php.txt.


      The coding for the array function is in the bs6.php file at line 21. The address for the bs6.php coding is http://www.improveworkplaceefficiency.com/diab/phplot/bs6.php.txt.


      Thank you All.


      P.S. Can anyone recommend a good php forum? This might not be the correct forum for this question but I trust this site.