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    Need help with error of “this object already has a container" which prevents shrinking of page such that content is over-written when labeled

    sargums46564804 Level 1

      I have a program where I use an action wizard to label pdf files using java script.  Before the java script step, I use the header/footer to shrink the pages.  Within the "Header & Footer (Add)" Option, I selected "Appearance Options" and checked the "Shrink document to avoid overwriting***" and made sure "Page Range Options" is set to "All Pages."


      Most of the time, the pages within the pdf are shrunk and a label is applied.  However, sometimes, I run into a pdf file where I get an error “this object already has a container.”   I did some experimenting and here is what i figured out on my 2-page document where the 1st page is labeled fine and the 2nd page gets over-written.



      If anyone can help me understand how to prevent the subsequent pages from being overwritten when there is a container error on the 1st page, please let me know.


      I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro X 10.1.16 on Windows 7.