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    How to Redistribute text across resized document?


      I am trying to publish a book on Amazon.  I paid a professional to format the book for me for another publisher, but the deal feel through, so now I want to self publish on Amazon.  I have the book files from the publisher in PDF format.  The problem is that the PDF page size is 5 x 7 and Amazon wants me to resize the page size to 6 x 9.


      This is a 203 page book.  I was able to resize the page size to 6 x 9 through Cropping, but it has created a new problem.  I assumed that when I resized the pages to a larger size that the text would be redistributed across the new page size.   That did not happen.  The page size increased, but the text on each page stayed the same.  The effect of this is that now about 45% of the page is blank white space.  What I need to to is to tell acrobat to redistribute the text across the new page size, kind of like water filling up a series bucket, filling up one page and then pouring over to the next, and so on and so forth.


      I am using Acrobat Pro DC and I have no idea what to call the function or how to find it.  Please help!

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Probably best to use InDesign or other desktop publishing application at the required size and then export to PDF.



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            Von70 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.  How do I open the PDF file in ID?  I have tried it, but ID will not open the PDF file.

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              There's an all too common and painful lesson here. Every book or publication or anything may need corrections, new editions, repurposing, resizing... The deliverable you contract for needs to allow for this. Contract for a finished PDF and a complete editable document, including all packaged graphics. You can't contract to be sent fonts but make sure you agree on ones you could buy. Whilst it's obviously preferable to have the original designer do the updates, they might not even be in business.

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                Von70 Level 1

                Yes you are correct, but my situation is not usual.  I did not write the book.  Another person wrote the book and made the contract with Tate Publishing.  The author had never written a book before and is not really that tech savvy, so when Tate Publishing went under, he turned to me to help him get his book publish on amazon.  Now I am very tech savvy, but know nothing about book publishing.  The author gave me the files that the Tate Publishing gave him when they went out of business (along with all rights).  The author has the raw text file that created, but it is not formatted for a book.  Of course, I could start from scratch and do all the work the publisher did to turn a raw text file into a book, but that is a lot of learning and work, and it would be much better if I could just resize the publisher's file.


                I am doing this as a favor to help a friend that has already lost six thousand dollars to a scam publishing company.


                Anyway, I have actually solved the problem with the help of Mr. Karl Heinz on here who is a genus. 

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                  Ellis home Level 4

                  Glad you found a solution. I think is worth to put the link here to the correct answer: How to reorder text flow in Acrobat Pro DC? on the Acrobat forum. This is a situation that comes along often and it might help some body else.