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    How to reorder text flow in Acrobat Pro DC?


      I am trying to publish a book on Amazon.  I paid a professional to format the book for me for another publisher, but the deal feel through, so now I want to self publish on Amazon.  I have the book files from the publisher in PDF format.  The problem is that the PDF page size is 5 x 7 and Amazon wants me to resize the page size to 6 x 9.


      This is a 203 page book.  I was able to resize the page size to 6 x 9 through Cropping, but it has created a new problem.  I assumed that when I resized the pages to a larger size that the text would be redistributed across the new page size.   That did not happen.  The page size increased, but the text on each page stayed the same.  The effect of this is that now about 45% of the page is blank white space.  What I need to to is to tell acrobat to redistribute the text across the new page size, kind of like water filling up a series bucket, filling up one page and then pouring over to the next, and so on and so forth.


      I have no idea what to call this function or how to find it.  Please help!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          First of all, I moved your question from The Lounge to a more relevant forum: Editing & Exporting PDFs


          To answer your question: Acrobat can't do that.

          You need to go back to the original file format you created the book in and then export it again to PDF, this time using the correct page size to match Amazon's requirements. By the way, those requirements don't make much sense. It doesn't matter what's the physical page size of a PDF when you display it on a screen, as it can be viewed the same in any zoom setting.

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            Von70 Level 1

            I don't have the original.  All I have is the file the publisher gave me which is in PDF.


            Create Space (amazon's self-publishing division) is rejecting the file because it is not the right size.  I talked with them on the phone and they told me I have to resize it to 6 x 9 inches.  I can do this book it looks funky.


            Look at these examples.


            This is the Original in the 5 X 7 format.  It fills a good amount of the page.




            This is the resized one in the 6 x 9 format.  See how much white space there is?


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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              You mention that you have Adobe Acrobat DC Pro - that will allow you to use the Preflight tools to scale your pages. Because scaling will be done proportionally, you will not end up with a 6x9 page in one step: When you scale 5x7 to a target of 6x9, the short side will fit exactly into the 6x9 rectangle, but the long edge will only be 8.4", so you would need to use the crop tool to do the final sizing to 6x9 (which again, will not change the size of the page content).


              To use scaling in preflight, search for "scale" in the individual fixups category.

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                Von70 Level 1

                Scale to A4 is the only option I can find in Fixup.  No customization the change the size that I can find.

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                  Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                  Never mind... You can actually go to 6x9 in one step - it's been a while since I last used this feature.


                  The problem is that there is no ready-made preflight profile that will do this for you, so you will have to create your own. Here are the steps required:


                  Open up Preflight (e.g. search for "Preflight" in the "Tools" area). Then select the "Single Fixups" category:




                  Now use the "Options" menu and select to add a new fixup:




                  This will bring up a confusing looking interface - at least if you've never been in here before - but when you follow my instructions, it should be pretty straight forward:




                  Use a description name , then select the "Pages" category and search for fixups that have "scale" in their name and select the one named "Scale pages". Now we need to fill in some data in the lower part of the dialog. You see the two orange buttons next to the short and long edge fields? Click them - one after the other - and fill in some values:




                  For short edge use these values:

                  Label: Short Edge (in)

                  Default Value: 6

                  Internal Name: short_edge


                  And, for long edge use this:


                  Label: Long Edge (in)

                  Default Value: 9

                  Internal Name: long_edge


                  Now back on the main dialog, adjust a few more things:




                  Now you can select the fixup and apply it to your open document. It will prompt you to select a target page size in inches (you can just accept the defaults in your case), and it will scale all pages in your document.

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                    Von70 Level 1

                    I really appreciate the time you took to create that tutorial, but my version looks nothing remotely close to what you are showing. 


                    Doing a search for preflight in tools brings up this.




                    Clicking on anyone of them brings up this.




                    Clicking on options brings up this  (No "Create New Preflight Fixup" option.)




                    Clicking on, "Create New Preflight Profile" brings up this.



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                      Von70 Level 1

                      Okay, I figured it out.  Mr. Karl Heinz Kremer, Sir you are a genus.  If I could reach through this screen, I would give you a big hug and buy you a drink.  I had almost given up hope.  I have been fighting this problem for two days.  Thank you, thank you thank you.