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    Cannot Transfer Actions From CS6 to CC 2017


      I've read all the pertinent discussions, I've searched my entire computer, I'm about to give up trying to upgrade to Photoshop CC.  three days of my free trial of CC is almost used up and I really haven't gotten it to work so I can determine if I like it!


      First of all, my custom actions all work fine in CS6, so they do exist.  However, I've tried several methods to get them transferred to my trial version of CC, I cannot find them.  Here's what happens when I try <Edit> <Presets>  <Export/Import Presets> in CS6.......




      And when I go to C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Presets\Actions, the folder is empty.

      The folder C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings has a file in it labelled Actions Palette.psp, which seems to contain all my actions in it, but what do I do with it?


      At this point I'm assuming 80% of the answers here on the forums is outdated so that's why I'm looking for an up to date solution.  Also, why didn't CC ask to transfer my preferences when I installed it?




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          SteveWeinrebe Adobe Community Professional

          In CS6, click on the Action set (folder) to highlight it, then you need to go to the little menu icon at the top right of the Actions panel, click on it and in that menu choose "Save Actions". You can choose where to save them. (Personally I save all my actions into my Documents folder, but if you save them into the default settings folder, when you upgrade Photoshop they will be transferred to the new version).


          Anyway then in Photoshop CC, click on the same Actions panel menu, and choose "Load Actions". Navigate to the saved Actions and they will load into CC's Actions panel.


          Actions save with the .atn file type. You can't save individual actions, you have to save an Actions "set". You probably don't want to bother with the default Actions set. I always tell my students to create a new set called "My Actions" or something like that, or several sets with specific uses, then save them to disk.


          BTW, even if you save them to default Actions preset folder, I highly encourage you to make one or more backups of your saved Actions sets.




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            Gerry5478 Level 1

            Steve, you're a lifesaver!  I finally have a copy of CC I can evaluate and I appreciate the prompt reply!