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    Director11, 3D beginner

      Hi, I've used Director MX, but not done much 3D with it due to the previously limited capabilities.
      I'm interested in Dir11, and would like to find out if there is a 3D beginner's guides, and get a few questions answered.

      Is there a 3D exporter to be used with Director11 ? if so where do I get it from, and what 3D packages does it work with ? does it work with Maya 8.5 or any of the latest 3D tools ?

      What language are the shaders specified in? can you write your own and use them? such as standard HLSL ?

      Code generated geometry:-
      is it possible to build polygons, triangle strips, or objects programatically with lingo ? and apply materials and shaders? This would be handy for building terrains, and FX decals.

      can shaders be applied to sprites/polygons for making cool effects ?

      Screen buffer:-
      can the whole screen be copied to a texture and used as a source texture for shaders ? for doing full screen effects such as bloom, or feedback FX such as heat-haze and distortion ?

      any info is appreciated, or any pointers on how to get started implementing some of this stuff..