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    Transcoding error PE12


      Windows 10 Pro, E5-1620 @3.60 GHz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit OS, 200GB free disk space

      PE12 was downloaded from Adobe and reinstalled today - Ver 12.0 (20130921.main.567661)

      Attempting to burn DVD, almost immediate transcoding error.

      Source files are AVI files, widescreen.

      I've been at this for hours and have performed considerable troubleshooting steps.


      Burned multiple projects last weekend without trouble.

      Returned to new projects today and Windows prompted for permission to install new OneDrive icons (this is the only known change to my system, an indication that possibly Windows updates were installed).  I checked history and the last updates to be installed were 10 days ago.

      A new project encountered "Transcoding error".  I tried last weekend's projects, also had same error.

      Searched the forum, tried a few suggestions, no improvements.

      Uninstalled Adobe Creative Cloud, PE12 and PS12.  Reboot.

      Downloaded newest bits from Adobe (although they are the same as what was installed.

      Reinstalled only PE12.

      It works!

      Created and burned three simple projects.

      Fails on the fourth.

      I try previous projects.  Fails.

      I uninstall and reinstall again.  No help, same problem.

      Try to burn last project from today that worked, it begins encoding.  Success.

      I try multiple new projects that are ultra simple.  Fail.

      I try last project that worked today.  Now fails after succeeding only minutes earlier.

      I tried a project with a still picture.  Fail.


      I'm out of ideas.

      Anyone have any suggestions?