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    Adding cuts, adding effects to clips


      Hi Bruce and other panel experts,


      Thanks for all the support you provide on this forum and for the amazing progress that's been made in Premiere scripting over the last few updates! I had several scripting questions about a panel I’m hoping to write. I wanted to get a few answers about what's possible before I dive in too deep.


      1. I see that I can read and set keyframes on an effect that is already added to a clip (great new feature!). Is there a way to add an effect programmatically? What about an effect preset? Doesn’t seem like it, but I wanted to check.
      2. If I have an effect on a clip and the effect has been renamed, is there a way to read that new effect name in a script? I would have expected that's what displayName is for, but in my testing, it doesn't seem to change.
      3. Given a selected clip in a timeline, is there a way to add one or more edits at specified timecodes to it so it gets cut into multiple clips (equivalent to having a clip selected and going to Sequence>Add Edit)? Alternatively, if I could get the clip’s project item and edit it back into the timeline, that would work too. I didn’t think it was possible to edit a clip into the timeline, but in your answer to Rambutan a few threads down, you both seemed to imply that maybe it was...
      4. I can sort of fake all of the above by generating an FCP XML file of a new sequence containing the necessary clips and effects (what I do in my current workflow using a Ruby script that gets hand-imported), but once I bring that XML sequence into Premiere, again, I would need a way to programmatically edit it into the timeline (and be sure that “Insert and overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips” is set the way I need).
      5. Is there a way to access Photoshop information about a clip if it’s a PSD file? Specifically, I’m looking for the presence and properties of any guides that might be in the PSD. I know there’s a Javascript library that looks like it can parse this info out of PSD files, so that would be my plan B for this one.


      Thanks in advance,