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    Keep location data when synching photos

    Alfresco Dog



      I'm taking a one-year trip with my service dog and we have an Instagram account (well, he has). I take photos of him with my iPhone 7 and just recently, I decided to try Adobe products to edit those photos. I'm using the Lightroom trial.


      I've seen the how-to videos and so far, I like it. HOWEVER, when I posted my first Lightroom-edited photo on Instagram, the location suggestions were from where I'm currently at, instead of where the photo was taken. That doesn't work for me. How can I keep all that info?

      I don't want to edit it, I don't want to see it, I don't want to know where I can find it... I actually don't want to do anything to it, and I want Lightroom to leave it alone as well. How can I do that?


      The process is:


      1. I take the photo with my iPhone 7.

      2. I add the photo to a collection on Lightroom (on my iPhone 7).

      3. I open Lightroom on my MacBook Pro and edit the photos there.

      4. I download the photo from Lightroom on my iPhone 7 to my Camera Roll.

      5. I post on Instagram.


      How can I keep the location data untouched?

      Thanks in advance!