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    Is there a way to link layers in separate groups to move with the same handle?

    DoomStein Level 1

      What I'm trying to do is make a mouth that has a hinged jaw with teeth that overlap the edges of the mouth. Here are pictures of the mouth closed and open to illustrate better what I'm trying to say:

      Mouth closed.PNGMouth open.PNG

      In order to do this so far I had to make 4 layers. From the bottom to top layer there is the red layer that is the inside of the mouth. The next layer is the top layer of the mouth without the first 2 teeth. Then comes the lower jaw with the 2 fangs. And on the top layer are the first 2 teeth on the top of the mouth. In Illustrator everything is fine when I select the jaw's 2 layers and move them but in Character Animator I can only grab one of the layers at a time. I have the draggable handles overlapping on both layers in CA but it seems random which one it grabs. At any rate, is there a way to link those two layers together so they move as one despite being in a layer sandwich?

      I apologize if there is something simple that I'm overlooking. I haven't been using CA for long and only in my spare time, of which there isn't a lot of.