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    How do I "unpurge" the undo function?


      I am using Photoshop CC 2017 on a retina Macbook Pro, I am fairly new to using photoshop, and I have mistakenly purged my "undo" function.


      How do I recover this?


      Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for any replies.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
          How do I recover this?

          Once you purged the History consider that information as gone.

          And keep in mind that the History is not being saved with the file, so work non-destructively (use Adjustment Layers instead of applying Adjustments directly for example) if the necessity of any future editing seems likely.

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            Great advice from c.pfaffenbilcher.
            I would add that if you are working on a large, important file, save it regularly as a PSD with an incremental name e.g. filenameA.psd ; filenameB.PSD.............etc

            You can always delete some of those earlier versions later - but they can get you out of a real mess if you make an error.



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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              I'll just add that one of the reasons Dave is recommending incremental file names, is that we see regular posts to this forum, from people who have lost work when something goes wrong while saving a large PSD or TIFF file.  If your laptop battery fails, or Photoshop or your operating system crashes.  If the PSD file is part way through overwriting the last version you saved, then the whole file is toast and gone forever.   About the only good that comes out of such situations, is that we get to learn from other peoples bad luck, and adopt the incremental file name procedure.


              We discussed an alternative which is to use Dropbox which keeps a history of your uploaded files for 30 days.  If you have a fast internet connection, then this very doable.


              Incidentally, at that time I said that I'd heard that you could expand your Dropbox space to 10Gb by installing Dropbox on multiple devices and computers, and logging on with your ID. Every time you do this you get an additional 1Gb up to the maximum 10Gb of free space. I'd been told that having done this, you could then forget about the other devices, and that you still had all 10Gb.  However, someone else has had the experience of the additional space being taken away without warning, so you can't rely on it.

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                lboiv002 Level 1

                Thanks, all!


                I agree with the dropbox storage idea, and have utilized it, but I find Google Drive much more efficient for my needs. It uploads faster and has fewer bugs, but utilizing both is better still!


                Incremental saves....that's what I miss when working with Final Cut Pro, though I love working with FCPX. It is good advice that will be well heeded, if I can remember to get back into that habit.