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    Interactive to-and-fro "wipe effect" [see images] edited

      Dear community,


      I wonder if anyone knows how to create an interactive "wipe" effect that the viewer can slide backwards and forwards, exactly as shown on the two images and websites here:


      1] the Lightroom promotional page [image 1 here] Lightroom and Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan

      2] the iTunes book app Fragile earth [image 2 here] https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fragile-earth/id515226237?mt=8


      I'm guessing that it's a variation on the "wipe" transition in InDesign interactive pdf, but can't make it interactive so that the viewer can slide one image over another.


      Many thanks

      1] Interactive %22wipe%22 effect on AdobeLightroom promo.jpg2] Interactive %22wipe%22 effect_FragileEarth book app.jpg