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    [AS2] Tweener Button Help


      I'm using Tweener to create rollovers (changing the text colour) with the attached code.

      The rollover works great, but I want the button/text to remain in the rollover colour of red (990000) when the button is pressed, but can't seam to get it working. I have tried added the last tweener command into a onPress function as well with no luck.

      Has anyone any pointers??

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          The onRollOut function will reset the color unless you introduce something that inhibits it. You could use a variable that is set true/false and wrap it in a conditional around the code inside the onRollOut function...

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            kingmonkey Level 1
            Hi Ned

            Thanks for the reply. I have, for example got it so that services stays red once in that section, but when I go to gallery section, the services stay red. How do I get services to tween back to the rollout colour? I have attached my code of where I'm at.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Basically, you need to determine which button is the selected one and reset it when a new button is selected, but before you assign that newly selected button as being selected. See if you can devise something that both resets the button selected status to false and makes the textColor revert to the 0x999999 value.

              Because you named each textfield differently, I'm going to avoid trying to generate the code for you, that complicates it a bit.