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    2015.9 Release Camera Raw 9.9 - Cannot Import from Nikon D750


      I believe this problem started after updating to Lightroom CC 2015.9 Release Camera Raw 9.9.  I can no(can't, won't, not working, not importing) longer import photos and video from either of my 2 Nikon D750s.  I can see the photos and video using Windows 7 Explorer, and copy them manually to my hard drive, but I would prefer that Lightroom work like it use to.  In the bottom, left of the import window the progress wheel/hourglass icon spins away like it's working, but there's no activity(green LED flashing) happening on the cameras, like there use to be, and no preview images are generated.


      Is anyone else having this problem?


      is there a solution?


      Thank You,