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    Are my raw files saved on iPad Pro? also how do I import AVCHD files?


      I am having a lot of trouble trying to upload my photos and video onto my new iPad Pro. I am away travelling at the moment with very limited Internet access.

      I have Adobe CC and have downloaded the Lightroom app for iPad as well as Adobe Clip. I bought an SD to Lightning card reader but neither of those apps will read straight from this. I have to download the images to Photos first and then into Lightroom. Although there is a label saying that they are RAW files, they don't seem to actually be high quality. There is no way of telling exactly what the files are and how large they are, so I'm scared to delete the originals from the card.


      Also I've found that the iPad does not read AVCHD files. I don't care not being able to look at my footage while I'm away but if I could just find a way to at least get it from the SD card it would be a start!


      I am currently in Zambia and the Internet connection is terrible so there's no way I can use any kind of cloud service for such large files.


      Can anyone help me find a way to make sure that Lightroom is importing the original RAW files rather than Photos' compressed versions? And is there any way for me to upload the AVCHD files? I can't get my camera (Sony A7S) to communicate with the iPad through wireless direct, I'm running out of SD cards and there's nowhere to buy any here! I don't have a USB input for the iPad.


      Any advice?


      Hazel Palmer


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