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    Annoying DING sound when starting and using Premiere Elements 15 trial


      I have been searching, but found noone else with this issue.


      I just downloaded and installed the PRE15 trial, as I am having massive issues with motion tracking in PRE13 (.. as a quick google search, many others do).


      The new version looks nice too, however... when I start PRE, there is a warning bell or beep-sound - 2-3 times and if I ALT-TAB out of PRE15 and then back in again, it dings or beeps again.

      It's driving me absolutely nuts.. to the point that if this is what I can expect to experience with the full version, Adobe can keep it..


      Is there a menu somewhere where I can disable this sound?


      FYI; Windows sounds are set to NONE, and it is only when working with PRE this warning bell/beep plays. Muting PRE in the audio mixer disables it too (.. until I unmute it, then the sound plays once more if I've tried at-tabbing in and out of PRE..).


      I can reproduce as well by clicking the PRE icon in the task bar to minimize and maxmize PRE.


      WIndows 7 64 bit ultimate

      Loads of RAM

      Nvidia gtx1060 video card.

      .. and a melting brain