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    Dollar Photo Club Photos Gone


      I had seventy-something photos that expired apparently with not a single notice of their expiration. Once I contacted Adobe support (there was no effort or communication on your end) I was told that I could sign up for $29/month and get 10 pictures and my photos back. Since I haven't used 78 photos thus far, how could I possibly use 10/month? Pay $270/year to access photo credits I own! Wow! From the goodness of your heart.


      I have already paid for those photos, to take them away is BS... ESPECIALLY without any communication. I have been a long time supporter of your products, and although your subscription model transition has been reasonable in the space of Photoshop, Lightroom, premiere...etc. With stock your plans, communication, and all around crappy customer service have me feeling a large HELL NO to your company.


      Your "support" offered me a screaming deal because of my loyalty of $29/month! WOW! Everybody gets that...it's even more insulting that that was the special offer.


      Raise your customer service game. Be more proactive in communicating, and don't charge people to access products they paid for via a company you bought. It's actually quite brutal. Thumbs down. Two thumbs. Both down, way down. Customer service fail.