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    Why Can't I Download a Purchased Typekit font?

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      Looking at the support note on Typekit licensing, Typekit Help | About Typekit Marketplace, I am really confused. To me the Typekit Marketplace should be treated similarly to the old Adobe Type Library if you purchase or any of the other type dealers like font.com, myfont.com and so on. I use some fonts as part of a CC user with Adobe Illustrator and everything is great. I use other non-Adobe graphics apps too and want to use the same font family, so I opted to purchase the font.


      Not good.


      Now I have found out that by purchasing it, I can use it with CC apps and in one place it indicates MS Office (big deal!) can use it too but the font family doesn't show up in some apps nor is it possible to group it with Mac's Font Book font manager. The synced fonts that I purchased appears to hidden somewhere. I shouldn't have purchased it and just continued using it with my CC subscription. I don't really have a clue if I terminate my CC subscription if I can even use the purchased font family. Also, I learned after the fact that purchases ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.


      I would STRONGLY suggest that before a user purchases ANY font from Typekit makes it very clear that these fonts are not downloadable, may or may not be recognized by any other apps, and can't be viewed in Font Lab.


      Most of us like the cloud-sharing and ease of the CC community but I bet I'm not the only one that thought the Adobe Typekit Marketplace was Adobe's answer to buying fonts from Adobe within the CC app. I talked (e-mailed actually) with the font designer and he didn't know about this restrictive use.


      Thanks for listening.

      Ken Whitaker

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