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    Use Display Color Management display puzzling

    GrizzlyAK Level 1

      I have a Pr sequence of DPX sequences pulled into Ae via Dynamic Link. I can set up my Interpret Footage for the Pr sequence item and my Working Space, and even use a 3D calibration LUT created from my monitor ICC calibration file in an Apply Color LUT effect on the footage, and get it to match what I see in Pr perfectly (I use LUT Buddy in Pr for the monitor Calibration LUT). I can also get it to match what I'm seeing in Sg perfectly when using the same calibration LUT in Sg.


      However, I'm trying to understand just what the View | Use Display Color Management is supposed to do. What I THINK it should do is, if I turned off the Apply Color LUT affect, and turned on Use Display Color Management (with no output simulation), that I should see basically the same thing. That is, Ae would use my monitor's ICC profile to convert the footage from my Working Space to my monitor's color space (i.e., Rec 709, well, actually BT.1886). But I'm getting a very VERY dark image. I've tried various combinations of settings with the Simulate Output, even the Rec 709 setting, and nothing gets me close to what it should be. I know I must be misinterpreting what this function is supposed to do, but even after reading all the adobe docs on Ae color management, I just don't get it.


      Can anybody help me understand what's going on and how I should be interpreting or using this function. BTW, all of these are CS6.