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    premiere elements 10 won't import iPhone video


      Hello everyone,


      I recorded about a 45 minute video with my iPhone yesterday, as well as some photos and other short video clips with my canon 60d. The iPhone is an iPhone 6, the camera was set to 1080p 30 fps. I used Lightroom to import them all (version 6, not CC). Lightroom was able to read the video from my iPhone and import the video into its catalog in the same folder as the other videos from my 60d, which is a Lacie 4tb drive. I'm using a 2011 MacBook Air. Premiere elements 10 can import the 60d videos, but I'm getting the "generic error" when I try to bring in the video from the iPhone. I no longer have the original video on the iPhone, it's deleted. I also tried to duplicate the file, to rename and change the file type to mp4, this did not help premiere elements.


      Any suggestions?