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    Javascript files doesn't work (Framework7 + PhoneGap)




      I'm using PhoneGap with Framework7.

      When I test the app in Firefox browser, all is good. But when I build the app with PhoneGap Build, Javascript functions that I created, in main2.js file for exemple, doesn't work in other pages, these functions works only in index.html.

      I have 4 different JS files (my-app.js, main.js, niveau0.js and niveau3.js) and only my-app.js and main.js works in all pages.

      I tested to put these functions in my-app.js which is the default JS file and it's work perfectly.

      But I need to have different JS files to have an organized project.

      I don't understund why only my-app.js and my main.js works and my other JS files doesn't work and if anybody can help me it would be great