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    set the timeout for indesign server?

    Brahnavan Level 1

      I have a send a SOAP request to an inDesign Server on MAC. When running larger jobs, the server is not terminated for the given timeout instead it throws exception after long time. I believe that the server is still running in the background producing the outputs.


      The job set to 30 sec timeout and , this is the time line of the job starts and ended


      begin : 16:30:53

      Start job ...

      java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

      Fail job...

      14 minutes, 44 seconds.

      End : 16:45:37


      it almost took around 14 minutes, 44 seconds. to terminate the job.


      the code snippt of the set timeout

      Service inddService = new ServiceLocator(); 
      ServiceStub ids = (ServiceStub) inddService.getService(new URL(url));




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          alam_84 Level 1

          Hi Brahna,


          Are you facing timeout issue for large jobs in InDesignServer CC2017?


          In my workflow earlier we were using CC2015 and it processed large document in 4 hrs and there was no timeout happen and if I just replaced CC2015 with CC2017 then for same document a timeout happen after 10 mins.


          Is there any change related to timeout b/w CC2015 and CC2017.


          Also Is there any place where we can get the server sdk for CC2017 as prerelease site does not have it.?