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    transitioning between Acrobat and Director..can it be done?

    adiabatic Level 1
      I have a textbook in pdf form with marking privileges created with Pro for the user and there are also interactive experiments and workshops as Director projectors - both on the same DVD. Is there a way that a user can go back and forth between them?

      For example, in the middle of an experiment in a Director projector the user wants to check an equation on page 56 of the pdf text. Is there a keystroke(s) that will allow the full screen projector image to go to a sidebar, without interrupting the projector so that the user could click on the textbook which is also in the sidebar, find out what they waned to learn on page 56 and then reverse which is in the sidebar and continue the Projector uninterrupted?...And if so, is it possible cross platform?
      I suspect it can't be done but it would be a useful feature.

      Fred Tabbutt