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    Not seeing some categories in the category selection list, others used for similar images.

    paulm77150743 Level 1



      I have a confusion. When I was checking similar images and their categories on Adobe, to see what keywords have been used by others, I saw that for similar images there are categories that I do not have in the category-selecting-list Adobe provided me as a contributor. For example: When checking other's rusty used tire rim images, I noticed that some of them used 'Spare Parts' as a category for tire rim image WHEN WE ONLY have the "Transport" option in OUR list. Same problem in some other categories too.


      My question is, why it is different? And Why I am not seeing some categories in my list that others are using?


      ALSO, it would help me to know why the lists are different? If I am not understanding something about how you work it, please let me know.



      Thank you.