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    How to apply to all images, a preset that has "auto tone" as one of its settings?




      I used to use Lightroom 5 and as one of the functions I could right click after selecting all the images while in the develop module, select develop settings and then at the bottom of that drop down menu there was an option to select "user presets". I could then select the preset I've created and apply it to all of the pictures. Each of them would then have different numeric values set for each of the tone bars  like exposure, contrast etc. This meant that no two images had the same values because one of my settings in the selected preset was "auto tone".


      This "user presets" selection is no longer available in Lightroom CC. I only know of the option to sync the photos after applying the preset to the first one. This means that the auto tone function is not being applied and all of my values for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows etc. is exactly the same??


      Any help would be hugely grateful because this used to save me loads of time whereas at the moment every time i go to the next image I must individually apply the preset....


      Many thanks in advance.


      Kind regards