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    Live Text Templates - Formatting issues when editing text field in Premiere Pro

    COFilms Level 1

      I love the idea of editable text layers and using the After Effects project as a Template. So handy for a lot of stuff we do however I have found an issue and not sure if it's something I am doing or something that others are experiencing also.


      I have the latest versions of both After Effects and Premiere Pro CC.


      I create a After Effects Lower Third and then using Media Browser in Premiere Pro, import this After Effects comp into my project in Premiere.  I add to my timeline and then click on Effect Controls and select the Master Tab in order to see the editable text fields and begin making changes.  The problem is though however, when I change one of the fields text entries the way the text is formatted completely changes and I lose the look of the lower third completely.  I just can't work out why this is happening?


      Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve or has anyone experienced issues like this?  I'd be really appreciative for any views or ideas.


      Many thanks.