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    Hybrid app is redirecting to web browser on any click event


      Dear sir/ Madam,

      Currently I am developing my website which is based on HTML, JAVA and servlet. and i am using postgreSQL as database.So I am creating project using phonegap create command and i am putting all my code (Config.xml, index.html and java script files) in www folder. All my web services means .class files of servlet are put in server with web.xml file.


      SO now my question is when i am building application using phonegap build it is created successfully. but in testing when clicking on login button (which is coded in index.html file, ) I am getting redirection in browser everytime.


      So i have two or three doubts.

      1) Can we compile or build java based web application using phonegap?

      2) Can i have to use any plugins for compiling java based web applications?

      3) Can i have to convert all java files into html files?

      4) Where should i put web.xml files either in www folder or in server?

      5) can I have to use ajax only in each and every form?


      Please give me some suggestions regarding this application issues as soon as possible.




      Savan Tripathi