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    5 photos rejected, reason *image out of focus*...?

    edgar dp47594259

      Hello everyone I'm a newbie to ADOBE stock photography. My recent photos has been rejected because of *out of focus*..? really? these are moving head shoots of a baby and I did use a 50.0 mm lens 1/80 sec-F/2.5, ISO 160. Off course you will get a sharp focus around the eyes and soft edges on the rest. What is confused is that these images has been approved by *Dreamstime*, *IPhoto Stock* and Shutterstock* but not by Aodbe. Then what F-stop I should pick or at least what setting is required for submitting head shots of people or what F-stop in general is mandatory to get NOT rejected because of out of focus?

      If anyone can provide advise or take a look these images and judge yourself will be very appreciate.


      Thank you for your time.