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    Tagged PDF reads "blank" using Jaws or NVDA

    raeben3 Level 3

      I have a series of PDFs made with Indesign that are tagged. I'm cleaning them up and so far have completed 2 -- both pass all auto and manual checks (Acrobat, PAC and CommonLook)  but ONE will not pass a screen reader test with NVDA or Jaws. It does read using Read Out Loud.  But in NVDA/Jaws it seems to never finishing loading and every page just reads as "blank."

      This document came to me already tagged, but needed significant cleanup.  I now see that the original file won't read even before I worked on it, so I don't believe it's anything I'm doing.  The documents are fairly complex with form fields.  There are a  few graphics that were vectors with shading, but I've removed them and replaced with "flattened" bitmaps.  Fonts are Truetype CID.  Some files were originally made in 2013, some in 2014.

      I've tried various techniques none of which work:

      • removed all the form fields
      • removed graphics
      • removed all tags and then autotagged
      • saved as Word and remade PDF with tags (even this did not work!)
      • used Acrobat to create PDF from the file -- this results in a "screen-readable" document but the text is scrambled and meaningless as if the document were encoded.
      • checked reading order
      • removed empty and/or nested FormX fields from the contents panel


      I've opened and worked on the file in both XI Pro and DC.  No difference. I'm quite puzzled and cannot see how to resolve this problem.  Any suggestions?  We can't remake these files easily.