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    What Are All The Current Uses of Flash ?

    Sea Crystal Level 1
      I tried to figure out what the current potential uses of flash are.

      So here is my list:

      a) Ad banners for Web sites.

      b) User interfaces for Web sites.

      c) Games for Web sites.

      d) Artistic interfaces for Web sites.

      e) Media ( video, music, slide show, etc ) presentations for Web sites.

      f) Video communication ( chat rooms ) for Web Sites.

      g) Commercial Presentations ( using projector or laptop ).

      h) Educational Interactive applications.

      Considering the list above, I would ask you all:

      1) What did I miss in the above list ?

      2) Are web sites with full flash user interface on increase or are they getting extinct ?

      3) What, in the above list ( or anything omitted in it ), are the most prevalent uses of flash ?