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    Unexpected Tab Button Behaviour in LRCC 2015.9


      Hi, I'm hoping to chase down the cause of a weird behaviour on only one of my two Lightroom installs – on the first, selecting the numerical field next to a develop module slider allows me to use the arrow keys to adjust the value, and Tab/Shift+Tab to move between numerical fields.


      On the second one, however, the Tab key alternates between selecting the numerical field and the slider itself, meaning that I have to press Tab or Shift+Tab twice to move between numerical fields. Even more annoying is that when I try and tab through a panel like HSL, the tab key will sequentially select HSL, then Colour, then B+W, etc., rather than skipping to the sliders.


      Here's a 7 year old thread describing the same exact issue. Anyone have some insight on how to fix this? https://forums.adobe.com/message/2633687#2633687