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    Looking to hire an AE ExtendScript pro - hoping not to break protocol


      I thought I'd come here first, since I've been helped by reading these forums in the past.  I run a recently-funded SF/Silicon Valley startup. We're filmmakers and coders who are applying some machine learning tech to short-form After Effects AEPs via ExtendScript.  I'm looking for 1-2 experienced AE ExtendScript pros for some interesting contract work.  Short term with possibilities of long term.  Good percs and next-gen ideas.  Work where you are with multi-Emmy-winning filmmakers and creatives.


      In the next day or so I'll be broadening my search out to sites like Behance, but wanted to come here first since this is where the actual talent hangs out.


      Thanks for taking a moment - and sorry if I'm breaking forum protocol with this.